Examples of 'With' in a Sentence
Examples of 'With' in a Sentence

How to use with in a sentence? Usage examples and sentences for with.

The word 'with' is used as a preposition in English. However, it is a versatile word and can be used in different ways. For meaning and usage you can click the link.

With - Meaning and Usage

Usage Examples

・I live with my mother.
・I am with my father now.
・I was trembling with fear.
・Mia is a girl with red hair.
・Do you want to come with us?
・He fainted with exhaustion.
・She spoke with confidence.
・You can write with this pen.
・Open the door with the key.
・She cut the rope with a knife.
・I don't want to fight with my sister.
・He had an argument with his brother.
・I enjoy playing tennis with my friends.
・She saw a man with a backpack.
・The book with the blue cover is mine.
・Do you have your passport with you?
・He approached the situation with caution.

Example Sentences 

・She cried with joy.
・He shouted with anger.
・I like my coffee with cream.
・She wrote the letter with a pen.
・He cut the paper with scissors.
・She sighed with disappointment.
・The house is filled with laughter.
・The bookshelf is filled with novels.
・They rarely fight with one another.
・I faced the challenge with courage.
・She enjoys pasta with tomato sauce.
・I went to the party with my friends.
・My suitcase is stuffed with clothes.
・The park is filled with children playing.
・She completed the task with precision.
・He is strong, with broad shoulders.
・This task is easy, with the right tools.
・I forgot to take my umbrella with me.
・He completed the project with his team.
・He prefers his burger with extra cheese.
・She is a doctor with years of experience.
・He is a writer with a passion for storytelling.
・The room is decorated with colorful paintings.
・They walked down the street with their dog.
・The garden is adorned with colorful flowers.
・She spent the weekend in bed with the flu.
・Be careful with that fragile vase; it's valuable.
・He left his business card with the receptionist.
・He was angry with himself for making a mistake.
・She was pleased with the results of her hard work.
・The teenager stood with his hands in his pockets.
・With all her faults, he loved her unconditionally.
・We celebrated her promotion with a bottle of red wine.
・The two nations were at war with each other for years.
・She's still angry with her friend for breaking the promise.
・With his busy schedule, he found time to volunteer.

With - Sentences from the Bilexis Corpus
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