With - Meaning and Usage
With - Meaning and Usage

What is the meaning of 'with' in English? How to use with in a sentence? Usages of with.

The word 'with' is used as a preposition in English. However, it is a versatile word and can be used in different ways.

Meaning and Usage

1. A1 (preposition) in the company or presence of someone or something

・He lives with his uncle.

・She went to the park with her friends.

・Do you have your passport with you?

2. A1
(preposition) using something

・She cut the rope with a knife.

・He wrote the letter with a pen.

・She locked the door with a key.

3. A1
(preposition) having, including or carrying something

・Mia is a girl with red hair.

・The book with the blue cover is mine.

・She had never seen her father with a beard.

4. A1
(preposition) in opposition to someone or something

・I don't want to fight with my sister.

・He had an argument with his brother.

・I enjoy playing tennis with my friends.

5. A2
(preposition) because of something

・He fainted with exhaustion.

・She was trembling with fear.

・She was happy with her performance.

6. A2
(preposition) the way in which a person does something

・She spoke with confidence.

・He approached the situation with caution.

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