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Example Sentences with Present Continuous Tense
Example Sentences with Present Continuous Tense

Affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences with present continuous tense. 

The present continuous tense is generally used to talk about events or actions that are happening at the moment of speaking. However, there are other usages as well. Below are the most commonly used example sentences with the present continuous tense. For a more detailed explanation of this tense, please follow the link below.

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Usage Examples

• He is sleeping now

• I'm working at the moment. 

She is talking on the phone right now.

• They are at present trying to solve the issue.

She is soon starting a new job. 

The baby is still crying.

• The weather is getting warmer today

He is learning a new language these days.

• She is staying with us temporarily.

• He is working in a hotel for the time being.

They are always arguing with each other. 

• She is continuously checking her phone.

 • The company is currently testing a new software.

Our population is increasing day by day.

• They are going on holiday in two days.

•  He is looking after my dog for a few days.

• We are planning a trip this week.

• What courses are you taking this semester?

They are moving to a new house next month.

She is attending an important meeting tomorrow.

• At 8 in the evening, he's usually watching TV.

• He likes to listen to music when he's working. 

More and more people are choosing to work remotely as technology improves.

Affirmative Sentences

I am drinking tea.

He is going to school.

You are talking too much.

John is swimming in the sea.

We are watching a movie now.

My mom is cooking right now.

He is writing a letter at the moment.

She is working hard these days.

• He's temporarily staying in a hotel.

They are coming to the party tonight.

We are going on holiday next week.

The world is changing rapidly.

• I am planning to travel to Europe this year.

He is playing basketball with his friends.

• Simon is riding a bicycle on the street.

• The students are reading a book together.

• The situation in Turkey is getting worse.

I am working on a new project at present.

• Maria and Tom are getting married tomorrow.

• My sister is currently learning to play the guitar.

• The ongoing construction is causing a lot of noise.

• At the present moment, I am trying to finish this report.

More and more people are working from home nowadays.

Negative Sentences

• I am not going now.

• She is not sleeping.

• He is not working today.

• It is not raining right now.

• The printer is not working.

• I am not living alone. 

• He's not available at the moment.

• He is not playing with his friends.

• She is not waiting for me.

• Kate is not wearing a red skirt.

• John is not doing his homework.

• I am not looking for a new job.

• She is not sitting on a chair.

• We are not cleaning the house today.

• We are not going to the concert tonight.

• They are not playing tennis this afternoon.

• We are not going to the beach because the weather is not good.

• At the present time, we are not accepting any new applications.

Interrogative Sentences

• Are you coming to the party?

• Is he listening to music?

• Is it snowing outside?

• Are we going to the beach today?

• Are they still working in the garden?

• Is Tom studying for the exam?

• Are you watching TV at home?

• What are you doing now?

• What are you doing here?

• Which book are you reading?

• Where is she going?

• Who is walking in the park?

• Whom are you talking to?

• Why are you waiting here?

• Why is Tom driving very fast?

• When are we going to the cinema?

• How are you studying English?

• How many people are coming to the party?

• How many courses are you taking this semester?

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