Examples of 'Through' in a Sentence
Examples of 'Through' in a Sentence

How to use through in a sentence? Usage examples and sentences for through.

The word 'through' can be used as a preposition and adverb in English. Since it is a versatile word, it can express many different meanings. For meaning and usage you can click the link.

Through - Meaning and Usage

Usage Examples

・Are you through with that?
・It rained all through the day.
・We went through the tunnel.
・He slept through the movie.
・He was awake through the night.
・I got the job through my friend.
・He drove through a red light.
・How did you get through that?
・You must get through the exams.
・The thief got in through the window.
・I can hardly breathe through my nose.
・We achieved peace through negotiations.
・He’s been through a bad time recently.
・We have thought through the problem.
・This train goes straight through to Paris.
・The fire rapidly spread through the forest.
・Her words kept running through my head.
・The Danube river flows through Belgrade.
・I travelled many places through the summer.
・He learned English through watching movies.
・This path leads through the forest to the sea.
・I just got a glimpse of him through the crowd.

Example Sentences 

・They traveled through Europe together.
・He read the book through in one sitting.
・The path leads through the mountains.
・They achieved their goals through him.
・She examined the documents through.
・The store is open through the weekend.
・I walked through the door with my friends.
・They navigated through the dense forest.
・The trend continued through the decades.
・She felt the water run through her fingers.
・The arrow flew straight through the target.
・They worked tirelessly through the night.
・She went through the details of the plan.
・He studied the issue through and through.
・He grew wiser through his life experiences.
・The river flows through the heart of the city.
・They overcame adversity through teamwork.
・I could hear music playing through the wall.
・He asked to be put through to the supervisor.
・The journey is long, but we're halfway through.
・We will continue working through the challenges.
・He worked diligently through the entire weekend.
・I read the book all the way through in one sitting.
・The training program runs Monday through Friday.
・She communicated with him through sign language.
・You can access the information through the website.
・She succeeded through hard work and determination.
・She expressed her feelings through a heartfelt letter.
・The plan was approved through unanimous consent.
・Artists often communicate emotions through their work.
・The sunlight filtered through the curtains into the room.
・We walked straight through the crowded marketplace.
・With determination, you can get through any obstacle.
・I drove straight through to the airport without any stops.
・They stayed awake through the night to finish the project.
・They worked through their resources to complete the project.
・The project evolved through various stages of development.
・This style of architecture was popular through the 19th century.
・His leadership impacted the team positively through motivation.
・We walked through the park and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.
・They went through a major transformation in their business model.
・The proposal passed through the committee without any objections.
・The train travels straight through the countryside without any stops.
・The national park is a great place to drive through and spot wildlife.
・I need to get through this pile of paperwork before the end of the day.
・They had to struggle through until payday to cover their expenses.

Through - Sentences from the Bilexis Corpus
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