Through - Definition and Usage | Common English words
Through - Definition and Usage | Common English words

What does the word through mean? Definitions and usage examples of the word through. Example sentences with through.


1. A1 (preposition) from one end or side of something to the other

• We went through the tunnel. 

• This path leads through the forest to the sea. 

2. A2 (preposition) from the beginning to the end of an activity, a situation or a period of time

He slept through the movie.

He was awake through the night. 

3. B1 (preposition) by means of; because of

I got the job through my friend.

We achieved peace through negotiations. 

Example Sentences with Through

• I walked through the park.

• He drove through a red light.

• It rained all through the day.

• The thief got in through the window.

• The Danube river flows through Belgrade.

• I can hear the music through the wall.

• She looked through the binoculars.

• I travelled to many places through the summer.

• He learned English through watching movies.

• She read the entire novel through the night.

• They communicated with each other through sign language.

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