Examples of 'For' in a Sentence
Examples of 'For' in a Sentence

How to use 'for' in a sentence? Usage examples and sentences for 'for'.

The word 'for' can be used as a preposition and conjunction in English. Since it is a versatile word, it can express many different meanings. For meaning and usage you can click the link.

For - Meaning and Usage

Usage Examples

・We walked for miles.
・I’m heading for home.
・There’s a letter for you.
・She’s tall for her age.
・What can I do for you?
・I’ve got a present for you. 
・What do you do for joy?
・I’ve invited her for 8 p.m.
・Can you do a favour for me?
・When’s the next flight for Paris?
・She’s dressing for the wedding.
・He plays for Manchester United.
・I haven’t played chess for years.
・What’s the French word for ‘tea’?
・Which candidate did you vote for?
・This course is for foreign students.
・I bought a necklace for her birthday.
・We need furniture for the new house.
・There is a separate area for smoking.
・How much did you pay for your car?
・She has invited me for dinner on Saturday.
・We recieved over 80 applicants for the job.
・Thailand is famous for its spectacular beaches.

Example Sentences 

・I bought this gift for you.
・I've known her for years.
・This is a book for children.
・Is this the bus for Chicago?
・He has a talent for painting.
・I made dinner for my family.
・She stood up for her beliefs.
・He is waiting for you inside.
・I couldn’t speak for laughing.
・We'll be away for the weekend.
・She apologized for the mistake.
・I'm voting for the new proposal.
・We'll stick with this plan for now.
・I haven’t seen you for a long time.
・They are fighting for equal rights.
・He was praised for his hard work.
・She is the right choice for the job.
・Are you for or against the proposal?
・She works for a software company.
・We've been friends for a long time.
・The Latin word for table is ‘mensa’.
・He worked for hours without a break.
・He's lending me his car for a few days.
・I need to catch the next bus for Chicago.
・I exchanged my old phone for a new one.
・They lived in that house for several years.
・He will speak to the manager for everyone.
・She is studying for a degree in economics.
・They were punished for breaking the rules.
・The movie is suitable for a child of any age.
・Where to go on vacation is for you to decide.
・He has been a teacher for longer than I have.
・It's important for us to communicate effectively.
・They received numerous applications for the job.
・The desert landscape extended for miles and miles.
・He didn't reveal his true feelings for fear of rejection.
・Wearing a light jacket is suitable for the time of year.
・There's enough time for you to finish the assignment.
・For more information, you can search on the internet. 
・The tickets to the concert are available for $50 each.
・The suitcase is too heavy for me to carry up the stairs.
・Every morning, she takes her dog for a walk in the park.
・I often turn to my friends for advice on personal matters.
・I've left some instructions for you to follow while I'm away.
・I would like to schedule an appointment for September 16.
・She decided to take a break, for she was feeling exhausted.
・The team earned an award for their outstanding performance.
・Did you attend that conference for your work or personal interest?

For - Sentences from the Bilexis Corpus
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