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For - Definition and Usage | Common English words
For - Definition and Usage | Common English words

What does the word for mean? Definitions and usage examples of the word for. Example sentences with for.


1. A1 (preposition) intended to be given to someone; intended to be used by something 

• I’ve got a present for you.

• This book is for children.

2. A1 (preposition) in order to help someone

• Can you do a favour for me?

• What can I do for you (= how can I help you)?

(preposition) used to show a particular purpose

• a cream for dry skin 

What are you learning English for? 

4. A1 (preposition) used to show a particular reason

• The city is famous for its beaches.

• He got an award for bravery.

• He didn't come for various reasons.

• She couldn't speak for laughing. 

5. A1 (preposition) towards; used to show where a person or thing is going

• I’m heading for the park.

• When’s the next flight for Paris?

5. A1 (preposition) used to show an amount of time or distance

We walked for five miles.

I haven't seen him for years. 

6. A1 (preposition) as a representative, employee, member, etc. of

 She works for a software company.

He plays for Manchester United. 

7. B1 (preposition) in favor of someone or something; in support of

Which candidate did you vote for? 

Are you for or against the proposal? 

8. B1 (preposition) in relation to what can be expected from somebody/something

She looks young for her age.

The weather is cold for the time of year.

Example Sentences with For

• There’s a letter for you. 

She made coffee for me.

• Can I speak to you for a minute?

• What do you want to have for lunch?

This course is for foreign students.

We need furniture for the new house.

• I am worried for her safety.

We have a separate area for smoking.

• She has invited me for dinner on Saturday.

What do you do for joy?

• She’s dressing for the wedding.

I haven’t played chess for a long time.

The desert stretches for hundreds of miles.

• I'm going on holiday for a few days.

• He will speak to the manager for everyone.

• What did you give your mother for her birthday?

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