Examples of 'By' in a Sentence
Examples of 'By' in a Sentence

How to use by in a sentence? Usage examples and sentences for by.

The word 'by' can be used as a preposition and adverb in English. Since it is a versatile word, it can express many different meanings. For meaning and usage you can click the link.

By - Meaning and Usage

Usage Examples

・I go to work by car.
・We met by chance.
・Sorry, I did it by mistake.
・I am pleased by the result.
・I don’t like to travel by day.
・3 multiplied by 2 equals 6.
・We have a house by the lake.
・She was sitting by the window.
・He calls me by my last name.
・We rented the car by the day.
・She should have arrived by now.
・I can finish the work by tomorrow.
・Car prices rose by 10% last year.
・I read a book by Ernest Hemingway.
・They didn’t play the game by the rules.
・The decision was made by the manager.
・Don’t judge people by their appearances.

Example Sentences 

The train arrives by 10 AM.
The park is located by the river.
I'll pick you up by the entrance.
The store is right by the corner.
The bus went by the city square.
Submit your application by Friday.
The letter was signed by the CEO.
We drove by the historic landmark.
I won't be able to make it by 5 PM.
He increased his productivity by 20%.
I paid for the groceries by credit card.
We sat by the fireplace to stay warm.
We drove by the new shopping mall.
I won't be influenced by their opinions.
The package will be delivered by noon.
Can you finish the report by tomorrow?
She achieved her goal by working hard.
By working hard, she earned a promotion.
The report is due by the end of the month.
The hikers walked by the mountain range.
The book was written by a famous author.
The cake was baked by the talented chef.
She painted a beautiful picture by the river.
He repaid the loan by the agreed-upon date.
The painting was created by a talented artist.
The problem was solved by working together.
She promised to return my call by tomorrow.
By midnight, we had finished the celebration.
By what means will you achieve your goals?
Will you finish the report by the end of the day?
I solved the problem by using a different approach.
Can the problem be resolved by the current team?
We live by the school, so it's convenient for the kids.
By the time they realized their mistake, it was too late.
They succeeded by collaborating with other departments.

By - Sentences from the Bilexis Corpus
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