Words Related to Weather
Words Related to Weather

Weather word list. Weather collocations. Weather vocabulary. Words related to weather.

Words, terms and expressions used to describe the weather in English are listed below. Example sentences divided into basic, intermediate and advanced levels are given at the end of the list.

Weather Phenomena


• drizzle
• acid rain
• rain cloud
 sea breeze
• mountain breeze
 monsoon winds
 desert winds
 ice storm
 sand storm
 dust storm
 snow storm


Weather Related Words

• weather forecast
 weather condition
 weather report
• hygrometer
 effective rainfall
 sensible temperature
 pressure change
 ice sheet
 black ice
 wind speed
 falling snow
 heat wave
• condensation
 super cooling

Words and Expressions Describing Weather Conditions


 damp air
 dense fog
 dry air
 dry ice
 falling snow
 heavy fog
 heavy rain
high pressure
• high cloud
 high temperature
 hot winds
 light rain
 low cloud
 low pressure
 low temperature
 mild climate
 mild air
 partly cloudy
 snow grains
• strong winds
• sunny
 wind storm

Adjectives Describing Weather


  In everyday language, ‘it’ is usually used instead of ‘weather’.

• The weather is rainy.
It is rainy.


Example Sentences

• How is the weather?

• What is the weather like?

• What is the weather like there?

• It’s rainy today.

• It’s raining outside.

• There’s snow outside.

• The sky is overcast.

• What is the weather like in summer in London?

• What’s the temperature?

• It may snow tomorrow.

• It was very windy yesterday.

• You cannot go out in this weather.

• It will be a bright and sunny day.

• There’s a gentle breeze outside.

• We are having beautiful weather today.

• It looks like rain.

• He walks every day, whatever the weather.

• What is the average temperature here in summer?

• We will finish it today if the weather allows.

• The weather turned cold on Friday.

• There isn't any change in the weather.

• Temperatures below freezing are normal here.

• The temperature has risen by five degrees.

• Overnight the temperature fell as low as -20°C.

• The snowfall continued through the night.

• The rain has started to abate.

• Weather conditions are set to improve by Friday.

• Flights have been delayed because of the stormy weather.

• We waited for a break in the weather, but it rained all day.

• What sort of weather did you have on your trip?

• The Met Office has predicted a week of weather with rain and wind.

• The mountain looks wonderful under a blanket of fresh snow.

• The flights were cancelled due to bad weather.

• Torrential rains and flash flooding caused large-scale damage to homes and infrastructure.

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