Words Related to Economics
Words Related to Economics

Economics vocabulary is listed alphabetically. Additionally, economy-related expressions and terms are listed below.


account employment
asset entrepreneur product
balanced equilibrium profit
bankruptcy expense property
boom export rent
budget finance retail
capital fiscal revenue
cash foreign salary
commerce free sale
commodity goods sanction
growth sector
consumer household service
consumption import shareholder
corporation income shortage
cost industry spending
credit inflation subsidy
current infrastructure supply
currency insurance tariff
debt interest tax
depression investment trade
deficit labor unemployment
loan unskilled
demand market
development monetary utility
discount monopoly value
domestic national wage
earnings need wealth
economy pension
economic poverty wholesaler
employee price worth
 employer privatization yield


 asset management
average cost
balanced budget
budget deficit
black economy
boom in house prices
capital control
cash payment
central bank
agricultural commodities
common market
cost of living
standard of living
foreign currency
current account
bad debt
demand and supply gap
suppply-demand equilibrium
public utility cooperation
unemployment rate
unemployment benefit
trade union
tax avoidance
tax evasion
export subsidy
The Great Depression
domestic demand
economic development
oil shortage
exchange rate
financial support
free market
goods and services
public spending
household expenses
high rates of interest
market economy
social welfare
unskilled worker
urban economy
supply chain
retail sale
monetary policy
free trade area
division of labour
income tax
private property
quality control

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