What is the Difference Between 'Few' and 'A few'?
What is the Difference Between 'Few' and 'A few'?

Difference between 'few' and 'a few'.

'A few' and 'few' are used with plural nouns and a plural verb. 'A few' has a positive meaning. It indicates that there is a small number of things mentioned but it's a sufficient amount. 'Few' has a negative meaning. It indicates that the things mentioned are not many and not enough.

・Few people attended the event.
(= Almost no one attended the event.) 

・A few people attended the event.
 (= A small number of people attended the event.) 

・I have few books. I need to buy a new one.

・I have a few books. I can read one of them.

In spoken language, instead of the word 'few', the words very few or only a few are used, which have the same meaning.

・Very few students passed the test.

・There were only a few apples in the basket.

Example Sentences

・There are few books on the shelf.

・She found a few shells on the beach.

・There are few places as beautiful as this.

・She had a few suggestions for the project.

・There are very few clouds in the sky today. 

・He spent a few hours reading in the library.

・Few people enjoy waking up early on weekends.

・She has few friends in her new neighborhood

・She needed only a few minutes to finish her homework.

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