To - Meaning and Usage
To - Meaning and Usage

What is the meaning of 'to' in English? How to use to in a sentence? Usages of to.

The word 'to' can be used as a preposition, adverb, and infinitive of a verb in English. Since it is a versatile word, it can express many different meanings. Its basic usages with example sentences are given below.

Meaning and Usage

1. A1 (infinitive marker) used with a verb to show purpose, intention, etc.

・I like to play chess.

・He came to see you.

2. A1
(preposition) towards; in the direction of

・I’m going to school.

・He ran to the door.

3. A1
(preposition) used to show the person or thing that receives something

・He threw the ball to me. 

I gave the book to my sister.

4. A1
(preposition) used to show the location

・There are mountains to the south. 

・Paul was standing to the left of Adrian.

・The village is 50 miles to the city.

5. A1
(preposition) used to show the person or thing that is affected by an action

・He was very kind to me.

・What have you done to your hair?

・He was speaking to his mother on the phone.

6. A1
(preposition) used to show the range of something

・I work from Monday to Friday.

・He was 30 to 35 years old.

7. A1
(preposition) before the start of something

・It is ten to seven.

・There are two days to the wedding.

8. A1
(preposition) used to show the relation, connection, etc. between people or things

・She’s married to a German.

・Where is the key to the door?

9. B1
(preposition) used to show someone’s opinion, feeling or reaction

・His behaviour sounded strange to me.

・To him, the plan seemed dangerous.

10. B1
(preposition) used to show that you must or should do something
(used after am, is, are, was, were)

・He was to be here at 9.00.

・You are not to leave now.

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