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State - Definition and Usage | Common English words
State - Definition and Usage | Common English words

What does the word state mean? Definitions and usage examples of the word state. Example sentences with state.


1. A2 (noun) a part of a country that has the authority under one government

• There are six states in Australia.

• Los Angeles is a city in the State of California. 

A2 (noun)
 a country or a nation

• Central Asian states

• Germany is a big state in Europe.

(noun) the government of a country 

state-owned corporations

He was dealing with matters of state. 

(noun) the particular condition that something or someone is in 

The car is in a poor state.

• They were in a state of panic.

His state of health is not really good.

5. B1 (verb) to express something formally in speech or writing

I am just stating the facts.

The findings were clearly stated in the report.

Example Sentences with State

• He was in a sad state. 

• He was in no state to drive. 

• She is in a worried state of mind.

• Adventure is a state of mind and spirit.

• Water exists in three states of matter. 

• The room was in a state of disorder. 

• Do you have to state the obvious

A state of emergency was declared tonight.

New York State is almost as large as Greece.

He refused to leave his home state of Arkansas.

• It is stated that the fire started in a cottage.

• In its current state, the house would be cheaper.

• There is a need for an improved living state.

The state should invest more money in agriculture.

• The President stated he was going to resign.

The minister has stated the progress of the project.

The relations between the two ​states are improving.

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