Sentences about Hobbies
Sentences about Hobbies

Example sentences, questions and answers about hobbies in English.


・I like watching movies.

・l love listening to music.

・I’m really into photography.

・I'm interested in psychology.

・I am fond of learning new languages.

・I enjoy reading books in my free time.

・In my free time, I watch documentaries.

・In summer I like to go swimming.

・In winter I sometimes go skiing.

・Playing football is fun for many people.

・Astronomy is a fascinating hobby for me.

・One of my hobbies is writing short stories.

・I love gardening because it relaxes me.

・Playing the guitar is my favorite hobby.

・For fun, I like spending time at the beach.

・I spend my weekends fishing at the nearby lake.

・I'm keen on playing board games with friends.

・I find playing soccer to be an enjoyable way to stay active.

・I like to go to the park to do my paintings and drawings.

・I am fond of hiking and exploring trails in the mountains.

・I relax by listening to soothing music after a busy day.

・I like taking photographs to capture special moments.

・I enjoy cycling along picturesque trails on weekends.

・When the weather is bad, I read books or watch TV.

・When we are on holiday, I like to visit historical sites.

・When I have some spare time, I try new recipes.

・Now and then, I do yoga to relax and stretch my muscles.

・Rock climbing is a challenging hobby that pushes me physically.

・I'm interested in history and often visit museums to learn more.

・Sudoku and crossword puzzles are my go-to hobbies for exercising my mind.

・I usually go to the beach in Antalya about once a month to get away from work.

Questions and Answers

・Do you have any hobbies?

   - I love reading novels, and I'm also into photography.

・What are your hobbies?

   - My hobbies are cooking, painting, and traveling.

・What’s your favorite hobby?

   - My favorite hobby is hiking.

・What are your interests?

   - My interests are martial arts and poetry.

・What do you like to do?

   - I like jogging in the morning to start my day.

・What do you do for fun?

   - For fun, I like going to the movies.

・What do you do in your spare/free time?

   - In my free time, I play video games to have fun.

・How did you discover your hobby?

   - I discovered painting when I took an art class in high school.

・What do you enjoy most about your hobby?

   - Hiking is the sense of freedom and connection with nature.

・How do you balance your hobby with work?

   - I set aside time on weekends for my hobby of hiking.

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