Right - Definition and Usage | Common English words
Right - Definition and Usage | Common English words

What does the word right mean? Definitions and usage examples of the word right. Example sentences with right.


1. A1 (adjective) correct or true

• What is the right answer?

• I guess, you're right. 

(noun) the right side or direction

• Look to your right.

His house is on the right. 

3. B1 (noun) something that a person is morally or legally allowed to have or do

Everyone over 18 has the right to vote. 

She had every right to be angry. 

Example Sentences with Right

“Is she Amy?” “Yes. That’s right.

Arabic is read from right to left.

Her theory was proved right.

You’re right about him.

You were right to be cautious.

• She’s absolutely right in this case.

There’s a bar area to/on the right of the door.

• The property belongs to her mother by right.

“Is that clock right?” “Yes.”

Give us the right answer to this question.

Everything you say is right and true.

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