Place - Meaning and Usage
Place - Meaning and Usage

What is the meaning of 'place' in English? How to use 'place' in a sentence? Usages of 'place'.

The word 'place' can be used as a verb and noun in English. Below are eight meanings and usage examples that we often use in everyday life.

Meaning and Usage

1. A1 (noun) a particular area, point or position

Keep your money in a safe place.

They live in a small and peaceful place.

2. A1 
(noun) an area or building that is used for a particular purpose

・I need to find a parking place.

・She enjoys the atmosphere at her place of work.

3. B1
 (noun) a particular position in a race or competition

The team took first place.

He finished in third place in the race.

4. B1
 (noun) the role or importance of something or someone

You should know your place.

It's not your place to give advice to me.

5. B1
 (verb) to put something somewhere

She placed the vase on the table.

・He placed his hand on her shoulder.

6. B2 
(verb) to put or assign to something 

He places a high value on loyalty.

Great importance is placed on health care.

7. B2 
(verb) to make a request or give instructions

Have you placed your order?

・We placed an advertisement for our upcoming event.

8. B2
(verb) to find someone a job or home

The agency placed about 100 workers.

The children were placed with foster parents.

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