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Most Used Phrasal Verbs With Run
Most Used Phrasal Verbs With Run

Despite the fact that the verb run means "to move or go", it acquires a special meaning together with some prepositions. The most commonly used phrasal verbs with the verb run are listed below.

run across

to meet someone or find something by chance
• I ran across an old friend today.

run after

to run towards someone or something to catch them
 The cat ran after the mouse.

run at

to run towards somebody to attack or as if to attack them
 The burglar ran at her with a knife.

run away

to leave a place or person suddenly; to escape from a situation or place
 He ran away from home when he was 15.

run down

1. to hit and knock down a person or animal with a vehicle
 The driver deliberately ran her down.

2. to criticize someone or something unfairly or unkindly
 Don’t keep running yourself down.

run on

to continue without stopping; to continue longer than is necessary or expected
 This matter has been running on for two months.

run out

to be used up or finished
 The food is about to run out.

run over

to take more time or spend more money than was planned
 The project ran over the proposed budget.

run to

to be of a particular size or amount
 The report ran to almost 400 pages.

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