Most Used Phrasal Verbs With Look
Most Used Phrasal Verbs With Look

The verb 'look' acquires a special meaning when used with some prepositions. The most commonly used phrasal verbs with 'look' are listed below.

look after

to be responsible for or to take care of someone or something
• I look after my little sister when my mother is away.

• Nurses look after patients in hospital.

look ahead

to think about the future
• You should forget the past and look ahead.

look back

to think about something in the past
• When I look back, I can see my mistakes.

look down on

to think that you are better than somebody
• He looks down on uneducated people.

look for

to try to find something
• I looking for my keys.

look forward to

to await something with pleasure
• I’m looking forward to seeing her again.

look into

to examine or investigate something
• They are looking into ways of reducing pollution.

look out

to be careful, to be alert
• Look out! There’s a car coming.

look through

to examine or read something quickly
• I need to look through the report today.

look up

to check or search for information about something 
• He was looking up a word in the dictionary.

look up to

to admire or respect somebody
• I have always looked up to my father.

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