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Most Used Phrasal Verbs With Give
Most Used Phrasal Verbs With Give

Despite the fact that the verb give means "to hand or provide", it takes on a special meaning together with some prepositions. The most commonly used phrasal verbs with the verb give are listed below.

give away

1. to give something as a gift or donation
He gave away his books.

2. to make known something that is secret or hidden 
He gave his lie away.

give back

1. to give something to someone who owned it before
Can you give me my book back?

2. to allow someone to have or feel something again
This success gave her back her confidence.

give in

1. to admit defeat; to stop fighting or resisting
The terrorists were forced to give in.

give up

1. to stop trying to do something
Never give up!

2. to stop having, doing, or using something
He decided to give up his job.

give up on

1. to stop believing in or having hope for something or someone
Almost everyone gave up on her.

give out

1. to stop working
The engine gave out.

2. to become used up; to come to an end
Our food is about to give out.

3. to produce heat, light, etc.
The fire isn't giving out much heat.

4. to give something to a lot of people
Paul gave out copies of the report.

give over

1. to stop doing something (informal)
Give over complaining!

give off

1. to send light, heat, etc. out from a source
The flowers gave off a pleasant smell.

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