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Most Used Phrasal Verbs With Get
Most Used Phrasal Verbs With Get

Although the verb 'get' has its meaning, it holds a special meaning with some prepositions. The most commonly used phrasal verbs with 'get' are listed below.

get along

to have an amiable or friendly relationship
I don't really get along with him.

get across

to manage to express something clearly
He's good at getting his ideas across.

get ahead

to make progress; to become more successful
I want to get ahead in my career.

get away

1. to go away for a holiday
I will get away for a few days.

2. to escape 
The robber got away from the police.

get down

1. to cause someone to become sad or depressed
Rude people get me down.

2. to take a note; to write down
Did you get the number down?

get on

1. to continue doing something
We must get on with the job.

2. to board
He has just got on the bus.

get out

to become known
He didn't want his secret getting out.

get out of

to stop having a particular habit
I can't get out of this habit.

get over

to overcome a difficulty; to recover from an illness
We will get over this difficulty.

get up

1. to get out of bed after sleeping; to make someone get out of bed after sleeping
I always get up early.

Can you get me up at 7?

2. to stand up
He got up and hug me.

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