Months and Usage Examples in English
Months and Usage Examples in English

Month names in English and their short forms. Below the list are examples of sentences with months.

  Months Short forms
  January Jan.
  February Feb.
  March Mar.
  April Apr.
  May May
  June Jun.
  July Jul.
  August Aug.
  September Sep.
  October Oct.
  November Nov.
  December Dec.

∗ September can be shortened as both Sep. and Sept.

∗ In English, months are always capitalized.

Usage Examples

• I was born in May.

• I went to Germany last September.

• I arrived at the end of May.

• It was a cold February evening.

• It was a hot August day.

• January is the first month of the year.

• My birthday is 5 April.

• My birthday is in April.

• The meeting is on the fifth of June. (British)

• The meeting is on June the fifth. (British)

• The meeting is on June fifth. (American)

• I read his article in the May issue of the magazine.

• The decision was made in May of this year.

• The election will be held in late July.

• We’ll begin the project in early March.

• I’ll be abroad from March to May.

• I like April showers.

• In November 2010 I travelled to Moscow.

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