Make • Produce • Manufacture • Generate - Differences
Make • Produce • Manufacture • Generate - Differences

The differences between the words 'make, produce, manufacture, generate, create, form, develop'.

The meanings of the words make, produce, manufacture, generate, create, form, develop are similar to each other. However, there are some differences between them.


It means to produce or prepare something by combining ingredients or components. It has a broad meaning, from factory-produced products to handicrafts.

・She made coffee for us.

・She can make her dresses herself.

・The factory can make 500 bottles per hour.


It means producing something on a large scale to be sold. It is generally used to indicate production carried out systematically after a certain process.

・This factory produces hundreds of cars every day.

・Farmers produce fresh vegetables and fruits.

・The company's goal is to produce high-quality goods.


It is used for products produced from raw materials using machines. It usually means producing in factories and in large quantities.

・The company will manufacture new smartphones next month.

・Our town is known for the manufacture of high-quality textiles.


It means to create or produce something. It is often used for energy, resources, or ideas.

・Taking a walk can help me generate ideas.

・Solar panels can generate electricity from sunlight.

・The fundraiser aims to generate funds for charity.


It is used in the sense of bringing about something new.

・Who created the universe?

・Investing wisely can create wealth over time.

・Engineers create innovative solutions to everyday problems.


It means to produce something else from something or to enable something to start or come into existence.

・to form a new word

・Exercise can help form a healthy lifestyle

・Exposure to heat and pressure can form diamonds from carbon.


It means designing and producing something new over time.

・The company aims to develop new technologies.

・Countries strive to develop sustainable energy sources


make table, dress, car, engine, cake, bread, tea, movie, video, plan, rule
produce goods, product, rise, wheat, movie, music, report, result, effect, solution, evidence
manufacture goods, product, equipment, car, textile, chemical
generate electricity, power, heat, idea, interest, revenue, income, funds
create art, content, job, wealth, value, oppurtunity, problem, file, universe
form word, letter, line, circle, friendship, opinion, masterpiece, business, company
develop technology, software, system, strategy, method, model
These words have more collocations. The table above includes only the most frequently used collocations.

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