Examples of 'Since' in a Sentence
Examples of 'Since' in a Sentence

How to use since in a sentence? Usage examples and sentences for since.

The word 'since' can be used as a preposition, conjunction and adverb. It is often used to indicate the starting point of an action or event. For meaning and usage you can click the link.

Since - Meaning and Usage

Usage Examples

・I haven’t seen him since last year.
・It has been five years since I saw her.
・She has been looking for work since May.
・We’ve been waiting for you since 5 o’clock.
・I've loved ice cream ever since I was a child.
・He’s been much stressful since he moved to Paris.
・Since the accident she hadn’t spoken to everyone.
・He has wanted to be a doctor since he was a child.
・Since you finished your homework you can go out.
・He left home a year ago and I haven’t seen him since.
・Since when has she been interested in astronomy?
・She was divorced four years ago and has since remarried.
・The old building has long since (= long ago) been demolished.

Example Sentences 

・I haven't eaten anything since breakfast.
・She has been studying since morning.
・I have been working here since January. 
・‘I'm the new team leader.’ ‘Since when?’
・The road has been closed since the accident.
・Since when have you been interested in art?
・Since it started raining, we decided to stay indoors.
・How long has it been since we spoke on the phone?
・We have been living in this neighborhood since 2010.
・She hasn't eaten chocolate since she started her diet.
・He has been feeling unwell since he ate that seafood.
・It's twenty years since we moved to this neighborhood.
・Since she apologized, they have been on good terms.
・It was the first time I traveled abroad since my graduation.
・She has been practicing the piano since she was a child.
・They believed her since the data supported her argument.
・We've been waiting since morning for the package to arrive.
・Since you mentioned it, I've been thinking about the idea.
・We haven't seen each other since the graduation ceremony.
・The construction project has been ongoing since last year.
・I had been working tirelessly ever since I joined the company.
・Since she had photographic evidence, her claim was accepted. 
・She left the company abruptly and has not been in touch since.
・He moved away years ago, and we haven't seen each other since.
・He has been working on this project since the beginning of the year.
・The company's profits have increased since the new CEO took over.
・The school has implemented new policies since the incident occurred.
・We postponed the meeting since several team members were absent.
・They met in college, and since then, they have remained close friends.
・We upgraded our system. Productivity has significantly increased since then.
・He lost his job last month, and ever since, he's been searching for a new one.
・We were partners five years ago, and she has since started her own business.
・She started as an intern at the company and has since become a key executive.
・He adopted a healthier lifestyle last year and has been more energetic ever since.
・She displayed more courage on that challenging day than at any time before or since.

Since - Sentences from the Bilexis Corpus
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