Examples of 'However' in a Sentence
Examples of 'However' in a Sentence

How to use 'however' in a sentence? Usage examples and sentences for 'however'.

The word 'however' is used as an adverb in English. Below are usage examples of the word 'however' that we often use in everyday life.

Usage Examples

・Do it however you like.
・However, let me finish my point.
・I will go outside, however cold it is.
・However, did you manage to do that?
・I wanted to go; however, I had to stay.
・However you do it, it’s going to cost a lot.
・However, I'm not entirely sure about that.
・I’d like to go out. However, I don’t feel good.
・There is, however, a further problem about it.
・However small the chance, we should still try.
・She was tired; however, she continued working.
・However hard I studied, I couldn’t pass the exam.
・She appreciated any gesture of kindness, however small.

Example Sentences 

・However long it takes, I'll wait for you.
・However, let me interject for a moment.
・You may decorate the room however you like.
・You can solve the problem however you see fit.
・However fast you run, you won't catch the train.
・We decided to buy the house, however expensive.
・However, I'm not convinced that's the best solution.
・However, I think we should consider another option.
・She felt exhausted; however, she still went for a jog.
・However, could she have forgotten her own birthday?
・He overslept; however, he managed to arrive on time.
・However hard she tried, she couldn't lift the heavy box.
・However small the task, he always puts in his best effort.
・I wanted to buy the dress; however, it was too expensive.
・However difficult the task, I believe we can accomplish it.
・However busy she is, she always finds time to help others.
・She said she would come; however, she never showed up.
・She had studied all night; however, she still failed the exam.
・You might still make mistakes, however carefully you study.
・However, I'm not sure if it's the right time to make a decision.
・However, did you manage to complete the project so quickly?
・She will be traveling tomorrow; however, she hasn't packed yet.
・He's a talented musician; however, he struggles with stage fright.
・However, before we continue, I'd like to address a few concerns.
・She has a high-paid job; however, she's not happy with her career.
・He was writing his essay; however, he couldn't find the right words.
・I won't be able to hear you over the music, however loudly you shout.
・I enjoy going to the beach; however, I don't like swimming in the ocean.
・I understand your concerns; however, I still believe it's the right decision.
・I hope you have a great time, however you decide to spend your vacation.
・I will go to the party; however, I might leave early if I'm not enjoying myself.
・He wanted to buy the car; however, he discovered it had already been sold.
・The weather forecast predicted sunshine; however, it ended up raining all day.
・The team played well in the first half; however, they struggled in the second half.
・He promised to help; however, when the time came, he was nowhere to be found.
・He has applied for several jobs; however, he hasn't heard back from any of them.
・The company promised to deliver on time; however, the shipment was delayed.
・However you choose to approach the problem, make sure to consider all possibilities.
・She plans to start her own business; however, she's uncertain about the market conditions.
・They advertised the event as family-friendly; however, there were no activities for children.

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