Examples of 'Because' in a Sentence
Examples of 'Because' in a Sentence

How to use 'because' in a sentence? Usage examples and sentences for 'because'.

'Because' is a fundamental word in English, crucial for connecting ideas and providing context. It is a subordinating conjunction and is typically followed by a subject and a verb, introducing a clause of cause and reason, which needs a main clause to make a sentence complete. It is often confused with the preposition 'because of'. For a detailed explanation of the difference between 'because' and 'because of', click the link below.

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Usage Examples

・I did not come because I was ill.
・He was late to work because his car broke down.
・Just because he's older doesn't mean he's wiser.
・She apologized because what she did was wrong.
・The bridge collapsed because of poor maintenance.
・I prefer tea over coffee because it's less caffeinated.
・"Why didn't you text me?" - "Because I was busy."
・We'll overcome this because we're stronger together.
・He's learning Spanish because he wants to travel to Spain.
・Because it was raining, he found it difficult to drive to work.
・She left early because, if she hadn't, she would have missed the bus.

Example Sentences 

・I went to bed early because I was tired.
・He missed the bus because he overslept.
・I stayed home because I was feeling unwell.
・She laughed because the joke was so funny.
・They canceled the picnic because of the rain.
・He left early because he wanted to avoid traffic.
・We need to act now because time is running out.
・I can't come with you because I have other plans.
・She cried because she was overwhelmed with joy.
・He lost his job because he violated company policies.
・I agreed with him because what he said made sense.
・He got upset because how they treated him was unfair.
・I couldn't hear her because she was speaking too softly.
・I trust her because she has always been honest with me.
・I will not come to the party because they didn't invite me.
・Because it's his birthday, we're planning a surprise party.
・"Why does she look so sad?" - "Because she lost her job." 
・He succeeded because of his hard work and determination.
・Because he was injured, he couldn't participate in the match.
・We postponed the event because of the bad weather forecast.
・We need to take action because the situation is getting worse.
・I believe in this cause because it promotes equality and justice.
・The project failed because how it was managed was inefficient.
・We agree with her proposal because it aligns with our objectives.
・Just because it's raining doesn't mean we can't have fun indoors.
・I didn't hear the announcement because of the noisy environment.
・She won't attend the party because she has to study for her exam.
・It took everyone by surprise because what he did was unexpected.
・I disagree with that decision because it doesn't consider all factors.
・They donated to charity because they wanted to help those in need.
・I decided to go on the trip just because I wanted a change of scenery.
・She decided to quit her job because she wanted to pursue her passion.
・He didn't submit the report on time because he had a family emergency.
・You shouldn't assume I agree with you just because I didn't say anything.
・She decided to move because, if she hadn't, her rent would have increased.
・He understands the struggles because he has been through similar situations.
・We still want to live here, because even though the apartment is small, it has a great view.

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