Examples of 'Although' in a Sentence
Examples of 'Although' in a Sentence

How to use 'although' in a sentence? Usage examples and sentences for 'although'.

The word 'although' is used as a conjunction in English to introduce clauses that provide contrast, concession, or unexpectedness in relation to the main clause. Below are usage examples of the word 'although' that we often use in everyday life.

Usage Examples

・Although she was not ill, she did not come.
・He apologized, although he didn't mean it.
・I feel well now, although I don’t want to go out.
・She worked hard, although she didn't succeed.
・Although he is a friend of mine, I cannot trust him.
・Although expensive, the car was worth every penny.
・Although it was raining, they decided to go for a walk.
・Although I don't like spicy food, I'll try a bite of this dish.
・Although she studied hard, she didn't perform well in the exam.
・Although he was tired, he continued working on his project.
・Although it may seem difficult, it's not impossible to achieve.

Example Sentences 

・The car looked new, although it had high mileage.
・Although small, the cottage was cozy and inviting.
・Although he's just a novice, his skills are remarkable.
・He studied diligently, although he didn't pass the exam.
・He seemed confident, although he was nervous inside.
・Although challenging, the task was ultimately fulfilling.
・Although he had the qualifications, he didn't get the job.
・They saved money, although they couldn't afford the trip.
・The child looked young, although she spoke like an adult.
・She tried her best, although she didn't win the competition.
・Although it was their first attempt, they won the competition.
・Although she's young, she's already published three novels.
・Although it seems complicated, the solution is quite simple.
・The book seemed simple, although it contained complex ideas.
・Although it's a small company, it generates impressive revenue.
・Although crowded, the concert was an unforgettable experience.
・Although they worked tirelessly, they failed to meet their deadline.
・Although he lacks formal education, he's incredibly knowledgeable.
・The dog appeared aggressive, although it was actually very friendly.
・Although it was cold outside, they decided to have a picnic in the park.
・Although many people oppose the idea, there is evidence to support it.
・Although it seems improbable, she managed to solve the puzzle quickly.
・The room looked small, although it could accommodate a large gathering.
・Although she was only a child, her paintings displayed remarkable talent.
・The house looked small from the outside, although it had spacious rooms.
・The weather forecast predicted rain; although, it turned out to be a sunny day.
・The movie received critical acclaim, although it didn't do well at the box office.
・He never complained, although he faced numerous challenges along the way.
・Although they come from different backgrounds, they share a deep understanding.
・Although the restaurant is in a remote location, it attracts customers from far and wide.
・He seemed confident in his abilities; although, his performance didn't meet expectations.
・Although he was inexperienced, he approached the task with enthusiasm and dedication.
・They had planned an extravagant celebration; although, they ended up having a quiet dinner at home.

Although - Sentences from the Bilexis Corpus
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