Example Sentences with Used to
Example Sentences with Used to

Affirmative sentences, negative sentences, questions and usage examples with used to.

In English, 'used to' is generally used to talk about something that has been done or happened frequently in the past. The most commonly used example sentences with 'used to' are given below; however, the usage and the difference between 'used to' and 'be used to' are not mentioned. For a more detailed explanation, please click the link below.

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Usage Examples

・She used to live in London.

・She didn't use to drink coffee.

Did he use to work here?

・He used to travel often for his job.

・I used to walk to school every day.

・I used to play the piano when I was younger.

・She used to live in London, but now she lives in Paris.

・They used to go hiking every weekend before they had kids.

・The town used to be much quieter before the highway was built.

Affirmative Sentences

・She used to be shy.

・She used to swim every morning.

・He used to work at the bookstore.

・We used to go fishing at the lake.

・I used to enjoy hiking in the mountains.

・We used to play basketball after school.

・I used to love playing soccer when I was younger.

・We used to go camping every summer with our friends.

・He used to be a teacher before he became a chef.

・They used to have a dog, but they don't anymore.

・She used to dance ballet when she was in high school.

・They used to live in a small cottage by the lake.

・I used to know how to play the guitar, but I've forgotten.

・He used to play the guitar in a band during college.

・They used to visit their grandparents on weekends.

・She used to work at the library before she moved to the city.

・The weather used to be much colder in winters when I was a child.

・Before I became a vegetarian, I used to eat meat almost every day.

・I used to eat cereal for breakfast every morning when I was a kid.

・She used to speak fluent French, but she hasn't practiced in years.

・My grandmother used to knit sweaters for all of us when we were kids.

Negative Sentences

・We didn't used to go camping.

・I didn't use to watch much television.

・They didn't use to speak Spanish fluently.

・We didn't use to go to that restaurant often.

・She didn't use to eat vegetables when she was a child.

・We didn't use to watch much TV on weekdays.

・She didn't use to go to the gym regularly.

・He didn't use to drink coffee in the mornings.

・I didn't use to play the piano when I was younger.

・We didn't use to travel during the winter months.

・I didn't use to read books until recently.

・He didn't use to own a smartphone until last year.

・He didn't use to like sushi before he tried it last year.

・We didn't use to have a car before moving to the city.

・She didn't use to wear glasses before she turned 25.

・He didn't use to live in the city; he grew up in a rural area.

・We didn't use to have a cat; we got one just a few months ago.

・I didn't use to watch horror movies before, but now I enjoy them.

Interrogative Sentences

・Did she use to play the violin when she was younger?

・Did he use to live in this neighborhood before?

・Did they use to go hiking every weekend?

・Did you use to speak fluent Spanish?

・Did he use to travel often for his job?

・Did she use to live in that city before moving here?

・Did we use to have picnics in the park every Sunday?

・Did he use to go fishing with his father?

・Did you use to go to the gym regularly?

・Did he use to collect stamps when he was a kid?

・What did she use to do for fun when she was younger?

・Where did he use to live before moving to this city?

・Why did you use to dislike spicy food?

・How often did we use to visit our relatives during holidays?

・Which sports did she use to play in high school?

・How did he use to spend his weekends when he was younger?

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