Example Sentences with Past Continuous Tense
Example Sentences with Past Continuous Tense

Affirmative sentences, negative sentences, questions, and usage examples with past continuous tense. 

'Past continuous tense' is usually used to talk about an event that happened in the past and continued for a while. The most commonly used example sentences with 'past continuous tense' are given below; however, the usages are not mentioned. For a detailed explanation, click the link below.

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Usage Examples

・I wasn't feeling well in the morning.

・We were watching a movie last night.

At sunset, we were walking on the beach.

At 8 PM last night, I was watching a movie.

・He was still working on his project at 10 PM.

・He was working on the project at this time last week.

・We were working in the garden all day yesterday.

・She was cooking dinner when I arrived home.

・They were sleeping when the phone rang.

While I was studying, my brother was watching TV.

・The sun was setting as we walked along the beach.

・I was wondering if you could help me with this.

Affirmative Sentences

・He was painting the house all day long.

・She was working all day yesterday.

・He was always coming late to class.

・I was studying all night for the exam.

・They were playing football in the park yesterday.

・At 10 o'clock this morning, they were having a meeting.

・He was reading a book while waiting for the bus.

・We were watching a movie at the cinema last night.

・While she was reading, he was cooking dinner.

・The children were playing in the park when it started to rain.

・She was always singing in the shower every morning.

・He was studying for his exams last week.

・She was practicing yoga in the park this morning.

・He was playing the guitar while his friends were singing along.

・I was eating breakfast when you called.

・I was feeling a bit nervous before the presentation.

・She was wearing a bright red dress at the party.

・The stars were twinkling brightly in the night sky.

・I was reading a book while it was raining outside.

・At midnight, the students were still studying for their exams.

Negative Sentences

・She wasn't talking on the phone.

・The baby wasn't sleeping in the afternoon.

・I wasn't dancing at the party last night.

・I was not playing basketball when it started raining.

・He wasn't working on the project at this time last week.

・They were not watching TV while I was cleaning the house.

・She wasn't driving to work when the accident happened.

・He wasn't fixing the car when I saw him in the garage earlier.

・She wasn't speaking on the phone when I entered the room.

・They were not discussing the project during the meeting yesterday.

・They were not playing in the park when it got dark.

・At 3 PM yesterday, she wasn't painting the living room.

・We weren't fishing by the lake at 4 o'clock this afternoon.

・I was not reading a book while waiting for the bus yesterday morning

Interrogative Sentences

・Were you reading a book?

・Was he sleeping at noon?

・What were you doing last night?

・What were you doing at this time yesterday?

・Were they painting the walls this morning?

・Where were you going when I saw you?

・Who were you talking to on the phone?

・How were you feeling after the accident?

・Why were you laughing so much just now?

・When were they planning to leave for the trip?

・Was she studying when you called her last night?

・Were you watching TV at 9 o'clock last night?

・What were you thinking about during the movie?

・What were you doing when the power went out?

・Was she sleeping when you called her last night?

・What were they discussing during the meeting?

・What were they talking about when you entered the room?

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