Example Sentences with Must
Example Sentences with Must

Affirmative sentences, negative sentences, questions, and usage examples with must. 

In English, 'must' is often used to indicate something that is necessary or obligatory to do. The most commonly used example sentences with 'must' are given below; however, the usages are not mentioned. For a more detailed explanation, please click the link below.

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Usage Examples

・I must go now.

・You must be joking.

・He must be at least 50.

・There must be some mistake.

・You must stop at the red light.

・You must not leave the party early.

・We must finish the report by Monday.

・You must have misunderstood what I said.

・You must admit, the view was breathtaking.

・You must have a driver’s license to operate a vehicle.

Affirmative Sentences

・You must take your medicine every day.

・He must apologize for his mistake.

・She must be tired after working all day.

・We must leave early to catch the train.

・They must follow the rules of the game.

・They must be having a great time on their trip.

・You must be really excited for your vacation.

・He must take his medicine after breakfast.

・We must be prepared for the worst scenario.

・The roads are wet. It must have rained earlier.

・You must be careful when crossing the street.

・There must be a better solution to this problem.

・I must warn you, the exam is going to be difficult.

・He must have missed the train; he's not here yet.

・They must have forgotten to invite us to the party.

・Employees must wear safety gear in the factory.

・He must be running late, because he's not here yet.

・They must have spent a lot of money on the wedding.

・There must be a mistake on the bill, because it's too high.

・I must have left my wallet at the store, because I can't find it anywhere.

・There must be something wrong with the car, because it's making a strange noise.

Negative Sentences

・You must not park your car here.

・She mustn't walk alone in the dark.

・We mustn't be late for the appointment.

・He mustn't ignore his doctor's advice.

・He mustn't speak with food in his mouth.

・We mustn't ignore these warning signs.

・She mustn't use her phone while driving.

・He mustn't share his password with anyone

・You mustn't waste your time on trivial matters.

・They must not disclose confidential information.

・He must not violate the terms of the contract.

・You must not enter this area without permission.

・Visitors must not take photographs in the gallery.

・You mustn't forget to lock the door before leaving.

Interrogative Sentences

・Must I complete this task today?

・Must she submit the report by Friday?

・Must he attend the conference next week?

・Must he arrive early for the appointment?

・Must she finish her homework before dinner?

・Must you complete the entire task by yourself?

・Must we leave now, or can we stay a bit longer?

・Must you always take such a long lunch break?

・Must she present her findings during the meeting?

・Must we allocate additional resources for the project?

・Must we consider alternative solutions to the problem?

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