Example Sentences with Could
Example Sentences with Could

Affirmative sentences, negative sentences, questions, and usage examples with Could.

In English, 'could' is often used to talk about a past ability. The most commonly used example sentences with 'could' are given below; however, the usages are not mentioned. For a detailed explanation, click the link below.

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Usage Examples

・He could be right.

・I knew that you could do that.

・When I was younger I could run fast.

・He couldn't come to the party yesterday.

・They could finish the project by next week.

・I could see the stars from my window last night.

・Could I borrow your pen, please?

・Could you help me with this project?

・I wish I could travel more often.

・We could watch a movie tonight.

・We could eat out tonight, if you like.

・I wonder if we could go to the beach this weekend.

・You could have told me the truth!

・You could have killed yourself driving like that!

・It was a serious mistake. He could have lost his job.

・If I had studied harder, I could have passed the exam.

Affirmative Sentences

・I could play the piano then.

・I wasn't sure if I could do that.

・I'm not sure if I could do that.

・I'm not sure if I could have done that.

・We could be making a big mistake.

・You could at least try to help me!

・He could swim before he turned six.

・She could ride a bike when she was five.

・He asked if we could meet at the library.

・She could read French when she was four.

・He wishes he could play the piano like his sister.

・She could play the piano when she was a child.

・If I had time, I could help you with your project.

・When I was a child, I could eat chocolate every day.

・I could be wrong, but I think we're supposed to turn left here.

・She could become a famous singer if she keeps practicing.

・He could speak three languages fluently when he was younger.

・I could help you with your presentation if you need assistance.

・I wish I could turn back time and make different decisions.

・If you could lend me some money, I would really appreciate it.

・I wonder if we could meet at the park instead of the coffee shop.

・The baby could sleep through the night when she was three months old.

Negative Sentences

・The situation couldn't be worse!

・He couldn't speak French fluently.

・She couldn't find her keys this morning.

・They couldn't complete the project on time.

・He said that he couldn't come to the party.

・They couldn't attend the party last night.

・He couldn't lift the heavy box by himself.

・We couldn't go to the beach due to the rain.

・Could you recommend a good book to read?

・I couldn't sleep last night because of the noise

・I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her.

・They couldn't believe their luck when they won.

・They couldn't afford to buy a new car last year.

・We couldn't leave the house until the storm passed.

・He couldn't access the files without the password.

・Could they have overcome the obstacle without help?

・I couldn't solve the puzzle no matter how hard I tried.

・They couldn't use the old computer because it was too slow.

・We couldn't reach the top of the mountain before sunset.

・I couldn't remember her name even though we met before.

Interrogative Sentences

・Could you repeat that, please?

・Could you pass me the salt, please?

・Could you please open the window?

・Could I use your phone for a moment?

・Could she have finished the report by now?

・Could you possibly reconsider your decision?

・Could she play the piano before taking lessons?

・Could they have arrived earlier than we expected?

・Could they finish the project by the end of the week?

・Could you have imagined this outcome beforehand?

・Could you play the guitar when you were in high school?

・Could they have completed the task more efficiently?

・Could you speak any foreign languages when you were younger?

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