Do • Make • Perform • Carry out • Conduct - Differences
Do • Make • Perform • Carry out • Conduct - Differences

The differences between the words 'do, make, perform, carry out, conduct, commit'.

The meanings of the words 'do, make, perform, carry out, conduct, commit' are similar to each other. However, there are some differences between them.


It is generally used to indicate tasks, duties, obligations, and routines that require action. It refers to the action or process of performing activities, often related to physical activities. 

Could you do me a favour?

・He is doing research on climate change.

・I need to do my homework before dinner.

・Mia was doing the cooking while Tom was doing the cleaning.


It is generally used in the sense of producing, creating, preparing, building, and causing. It refers to a specific result/product of an activity.

・Let's make a plan for the trip.

・He made a few mistakes in the report.

・She needs to make a decision about her future career.


It is generally used for jobs that require skill.

・The surgeon will perform the operation tomorrow.

・She performs administrative tasks in the office.

carry out

It is generally used to perform and complete a planned task.

・He carried out his duties diligently.

・They will carry out an experiment in the laboratory.


It means to carry out, organize or manage a particular task or action. It is used in formal language.

・The scientist will conduct experiments to test the hypothesis.

・He was assigned to conduct an investigation into the accident.


It means doing something wrong or illegal.

・He was found guilty of committing the robbery.

・He confessed to committing the crime under pressure.


Since these verbs have confusing meanings, it might be difficult to memorize all of them. Learning these words as collocations will be more effective. The most used collocations with 'do, make, perform, carry out, conduct, commit' are listed below.

Word Collocations
do homework, washing, dishes, shopping, research, business, experiment, course, task, favour
make mistake, decision, comment, speech, plan, choice, effort, exception, difference
perform task, duty, operation, analysis, experiment, surgery, ceremony
carry out task, duty, survey, research, test, operation, threat, promise, order
conduct survey, study, experiment, investigation, test, campaign, interview, operation, negotiation
commit crime, sin, offence, robbery, murder

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