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Days and Usage Examples in English
Days and Usage Examples in English

The days of the week in English and their short forms. Below the list are example sentences with the use of days.

Short forms
  Monday Mon.
  Tuesday Tu.
  Wednesday Wed.
  Thursday Th.
  Friday Fri.
  Saturday Sat.
  Sunday Sun.
  Weekend -
  Weekday -

∗ Tuesday can be shortened as both Tu. and Tue.; Thursday can be shortened as Th., Thu. and Thur.

Usage Examples

• What day is it today?

 It’s Sunday today.

 I go for a walk every day.

• I came on Monday.

 The museum is closed on Sundays.

 I will be there on Monday morning.

 I saw her last Thursday.

 Are you busy next Monday?

• He goes to church every Sunday.

 I work Monday to Friday.

 What are you doing at the weekend?

• We’re open on weekdays.

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