Date - Meaning and Usage
Date - Meaning and Usage

What is the meaning of 'date' in English? How to use 'date' in a sentence? Usages of 'date'.

The word 'date' can be used as a verb and noun in English. Below are six meanings and usage examples of the word 'date' that we often use in everyday life.


1. A1 (noun)  a particular day of the month or year

・What is today's date?

・What is your date of birth?

・We need to set a date for the wedding?

2. A2 
(noun) an arrangement to meet someone at a particular time

・I asked her out on a date.

・I have a date with her tomorrow.

3. (noun) a sweet sticky brown fruit

・Have you ever eaten a date?

・The date grows on a tree.

4. B2 (verb) to write or put the date on something

・Don't forget to date the document.

・I have received your letter dated 24th april.

5. B2 (verb) to become old-fashioned

・These movies sound dated.

・These are classic songs which don't date.

6. B2 (verb) to have a romantic relationship with someone 

・He was dating Emma.

・They have been dating for two years.


When date is used in the sense of a meeting, it usually refers to a romantic date between two people. However, it can also be used to indicate a regular meeting or appointment.

・He made a date to meet with his lawyer.

・We went to a Turkish restaurant on our first date.

The word 'with' is not used when date is used to indicate a romantic relationship with someone.

・She's been dating Tom for six months.
She's been dating with Tom for six months.

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