Daily Routine Sentences and Examples
Daily Routine Sentences and Examples

Daily routine example sentences and paragraphs.

Daily Routine Sentences

・I wake up at 6 am every day.

・I get up late on Sundays.

・After getting up, I always brush my teeth.

・I turn off the alarm and get up.

・I make my bed before leaving home.

・I brush my teeth and wash my face.

・I take a quick shower in the morning.

・After shower, I do my hair.

・I get dressed for work.

・I get ready for school.

・I usually eat cereal or toast for breakfast.

・I quickly eat, not to miss the school bus.

・I have a cup of coffee.

・I eat breakfast at 7 am.

・I check my emails while having breakfast.

・I work from home.

・I leave for work at 8 am.

・I go to school with my friends.

・I usually go to school by bus.

・I sometimes go to work by bus.

・I arrive at work at 9 am.

・I always have lunch at 12 pm.

・During my lunch break, I listen to music.

・I have meetings in the afternoon.

・I leave the office at 5 pm. 

・I have classes until 12:30 pm.

・After work, I go for a walk in the park.

・After school, I play football with my friends.

・I arrive home at 6 pm. 

・I water my flowers in the evening.

・I make dinner for myself.

・I watch TV or read a book.

・I don't like to watch TV.

・I watch TV before going to bed.

・Sometimes, I have a cup of tea before bed.

・I check my social media before bed.

・I go to bed at 10 pm.

・I brush my teeth and go to sleep at night.

・I clean my apartment on weekends.

・I do the laundry once a week.

・I go grocery shopping on weekends.

・I watch a movie on Friday nights.

・I exercise three times a week.

・I listen to music while doing household chores.

Daily Routine Questions Answers

・What time do you get up?

  - I get up at 7 AM.

・What's the first thing you do in the morning?

  - I brush my teeth.

・What do you have for breakfast?

  - I usually have cereal or toast for breakfast.

・When do you go to work?

  - I go to work around 8 AM.

・How do you usually get to work?

  - I usually take the bus.

・What do you do after work?

  - After work, I come home, have dinner, and relax.

・Do you have any hobbies in the evening?

 - I enjoy reading or watching TV.

・What time do you go to bed?

  - I go to bed around 10 PM.

・Do you exercise during your daily routine?

  - Yes, I try to go for a jog after work.

・Do you have any special activities on the weekends?

  - I like spending time with family and friends.

Sample Paragraphs

I wake up at 7 am. I get dressed, eat breakfast, and go to school with my friends. At school, I have classes. My favorite subject is history. I like to learn new things. After school, I do my homework. I have dinner with my family. Sometimes we watch TV together. I go to bed at 9 pm. 


Every day, I wake up early in the morning. I brush my teeth and wash my face before having my breakfast. Then, I pack my bag with my books and pencils, and head off to school. At school, I learn new things, play with my friends during breaks, and have my lunch. When school ends, I come back home and do my homework. Later, I play outside for a while before having dinner with my family. After dinner, I take a bath, read a book, and go to bed. That's my fun and busy day!


I usually wake up at 6.30 am. I take a shower before starting my day. Then, I make my bed, feed my cat and have my breakfast with my mother. I put on my school uniform before leaving for class. I walk to the bus stop and ride the bus. At school, I have lots of fun with my friends, and I enjoy learning new things from my teachers. I study different subjects like math, English, and history. After school, I usually complete my homework and go outside to play until dinner is ready. Sometimes, I help my parents cook or set the table for dinner. I walk my dog in the park after dinner. At night, I spend time reading, playing video games or watching TV. Finally, I go to sleep to get ready for the next day.

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