Cover - Meaning and Usage
Cover - Meaning and Usage

What is the meaning of 'cover' in English? How to use 'cover' in a sentence? Usages of 'cover'.

The word 'cover' can be used as a verb and noun in English. Below are eight meanings and usage examples of the word 'cover' that we often use in everyday life.

Meaning and Usage

1. A2 (verb) to put something over or in front of something else, in order to protect or hide it

He covered his face with his hands.

She covered her head with a scarf.

2. A2
 (verb) to spread over the surface of something

Her leg was covered in blood.

・Much of the country is covered with lakes.

3. B1 
(verb) to include something

The book covers a wide range of subjects.

The tax will not cover educational materials.

4. B2
(verb) to travel a particular distance

They covered a long distance on foot.

We covered 500 miles in two days.

5. B2
 (verb) to be enough to pay

$100 should cover the expenses.

・I can cover the cost of repairing.

6. B2
 (verb) to report on an event for television, a newspaper, etc.

The reporter covered the scandal.

・The trial wasn’t covered in the media.

・He’s in London to cover the general elections.

7. B1
 (noun) a thing that is put over or on another thing

I need a duvet cover.

I changed the cover of my pillow.

8. B1
 (noun) the outer part of a book or magazine

Have you seen the cover of the magazine?

There’s a picture of the author on the book’s cover.

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