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Collocations with Take
Collocations with Take

Collocations with take. Example sentences with take. Daily expressions with take.

Since verbs such as 'have, get, take' have so many meanings, it is very difficult to memorize all of them. Learning these words as collocations will be more effective. The most used collocations and example sentences with the verb 'take' are listed below.


take a present
take an umbrella
take an umbrella with you
 take someone to

 take one’s hand
 take the baby
 take the baby in one’s arms
 take someone hostage
 take someone captive
 take the city
 take a room
 take a newspaper
 take advice
 take responsibility
 take bribes
 take a look
 take a shower
 take a breath
 take a rest
 take a photo
 take a seat
 take time
 take a minute
 take hours
 take one’s temperature
take one’s pulse
 take a taxi
 take a plane
take a pill
 take a drink


Did you take my bag?

• Please, take a seat.

• I forgot to take my umbrella with me.

• took a present for my mother.

• I took him to the hospital.

• The guide will take us to the museum.

• The road takes you to the lake.

• take a shower every day.

• We got tired – let’s take a break.

• take the bus to work.

• He took a look at my dress.

 It will take ten minutes to get there.

 I took a nap in the afternoon.

Can you take a photo of us?

• Can you take the baby for a moment?

• took notes during the speech.

• The nurse took my temperature.

 I took the shortest road to the lake.

• The plane can take 600 passengers.

• take your words as a compliment.

 I don’t take him seriously.

 He took some money out of his pocket.

• The rebels took the town.

• The terrorists took them hostages.

• He took his dad’s car without permission.



• Take it easy!

• Take care of yourself!

• Please take a seat!

• Take your time!

• Let’s take a break!

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