Collocations with Get
Collocations with Get

Since verbs such as 'have, get, make, run' have so many meanings, it is very difficult to memorize all of them. Learning these words as collocations will be more effective. The most used collocations and example sentences with the verb 'get' are listed below.


 get a job
• get a degree

 get sleep
• get rest

 get information
 get a chance
 get a car
get a present
get a letter
• get a call
• get permission

get there
get home
get to the hotel
get into bed
get on the bus
get down the ladder
get off the car
get one’s hair cut
get the car repaired
• get going
get tired
get ready
• get dressed

get wet
get angry
• get upset

get dark
get late
get better
get old
get cold
get a cold
• get flu
get sick
get a drink
get a chair
get stolen
get lost

get married
• get pregnant

• get the joke

Example Sentences

• He got a new job last week.

• Where did you get that pen?

• I will call you when I get a chance.

• got a letter from my friend.

 I got a beautiful present for her.

• He got a cold last week.

• He suddenly got angry.

• He got wet in the rain.

• Why don’t you get yourself a new car?

• I didn’t get a call from anyone.

• She went to the beach to get a tan.

• He got tickets for the concert.

• They got divorced last year.

• He got fired because of the failure.

• They are going to get married next month.

 It’s getting dark.

• His health is getting better.

• I don’t get you.

 Can you get a few more chairs.

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