Collocations with Do
Collocations with Do

Collocations with Do. Example sentences with Do. Daily expressions with Do.

Since verbs such as ‘have, get, take, do’ have so many meanings, it is very difficult to memorize all of them. Learning these words as collocations will be more effective. The most used collocations and example sentences with the verb 'do' are listed below.



 do something
 do homework
do the dishes
do the cleaning
do research
do a favour
do business
do exercise
do harm
do one’s duty
do a course
do a deal
do a good job
do work
do a report
do the housework
do a puzzle
do the ironing
do the food
do the laundry 
do the shopping
do everything
do anything
do one’s best


• I did a math course last year.

• Can you do a favour for me?

• You’ve done a good job cleaning the kitchen.

• We want to do business with you.

• I usually do exercise every day.

 He is doing research on this subject.

 I’ve done enough work for today.

• I will do my best to help you.

• You can’t do everything by yourself.

• My mom was doing the ironing.

• There’s nothing to do about it.


• What have I done to you?

• How are you doing?

• You can do as you wish.

• What are you doing tomorrow?

• What can I do for you?

• What are you doing?

• What do you do?

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