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Change - Definition and Usage | Common English words
Change - Definition and Usage | Common English words

What does the word change mean? Definitions and usage examples of the word change. Example sentences with change.


1. A1 (verb) to become different; to make someone or something different 

• His appearance changed over time.

• This job changed my life.

The wind has changed direction.

(verb) to replace one thing or person with another

• I want to change my job.

He changed his name to Tom. 

(verb) to exchange money into a different currency or smaller unite

I need to change some money.

• Can you change a $100 bill? 

4. A1 (noun) the act, process, or result of changing

There are changes in the plan.

We made changes to the system.

He is someone who hates change.

5. B1
(noun) the money that you get back when you pay more for something than it costs

Keep the change. 

Don’t forget your change!

Example Sentences with Change

• He has changed his appearance.

• The town changed so much.

• You haven't changed a bit!

• I changed the car for a bigger one.

• Don't change the subject!

• He changed his mind.

• I should change my diet.

• We made changes to the design.

• People can change with time.

• Do you have any change?

• I have 6 dollars in change.

• Where can I change my money?

• She changed dollars into/for pounds.

• He gave the waiter $100 and said ‘Keep the change’.

It is hard for some people to adapt to change.

I couldn’t recognize you - you’d changed so much.

• We just walked for a change.

She changed the way I viewed the world.

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