Afraid • Scared • Frightened • Terrified - Differences
Afraid • Scared • Frightened • Terrified - Differences

The meanings of the words 'scared, afraid, frightened, terrified' are very similar to each other. However, there are some small differences between them.


It has a general meaning and is often used in spoken language.

• Don’t be afraid.

• Are you afraid of death?

• I’m not afraid of you.

• She was afraid to go there.

It is more informal than 'afraid' and is almost always used in spoken language.

• She looks scared.

• I’m scared of snakes.

It is more formal than 'afraid'.

• There’s a frightened child outside.

• She is frightened of darkness.

It is used to express 'being afraid of something very much'.

• I’m terrified of losing my job.

• She was terrified at the thought of living alone.

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