Action • Act • Activity • Move • Movement - Differences
Action • Act • Activity • Move • Movement - Differences

The differences between the words 'action, act, activity, move, movement'.

The meanings of the words 'action, act, activity, move, movement' are similar to each other. They are used to indicate a job, movement or action that people do. However, there are some differences between them.


It refers to the work done by a person. It can be used in general to indicate a movement or process towards a purpose.

・We're responsible for our actions.

・She took action to solve the problem.

・We need a course of action for the project.


It refers to an action that a person does consciously. It is often used to indicate a particular behavior or course of action.

・an act of violence

・His kind act impressed her.

・His heroic act saved many lives that day.


It indicates the work, activities, etc. that people do for fun, out of interest, or to achieve a goal.

・outdour activities

・political activities

・Reading is a favorite leisure activity of mine.


It indicates the work done to reach something or the movement made by a person by changing position or place.

・dance moves

・Don't make a move!

・The chess player made a brilliant move.


It is used when talking about an act of moving the body or part of the body.

・hand movements

・The kid watched her every movement.

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