About - Definition and Usage | Common English words
About - Definition and Usage | Common English words

What does the word about mean? Definitions and usage examples of the word about. Example sentences with about.


1. A1 (preposition) on the subject of; with regard to; concerning

• What are you talking about? 

• I read a book about his life. 

(adverb) used to indicate that a number or amount is reasonably close to certain; approximately

• There are about 20 people.

I waited for her about two hours. 

3. A1 (adverb) almost; nearly

The job is about done.

I was just about to phone you. 

Example Sentences with About

Tell me about yourself.

I’m worried about her.

I’m worried about his health.

• There’s nothing you can do about it.

There’s something strange about him.

• It will take about an hour to get there.

The meeting lasted about an hour.

• The restoration will cost about $2000.

They are about to leave.

My homework is about finished.

• Dinner is about ready.

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