Most Used Collocations with Make
Most Used Collocations with Make

Most used collocations with make, and usage examples of make.

Learning collocations, which are word combinations that frequently occur together, offers several benefits for language learners and users. Collocations make your language sound more natural and native-like, helping you unnatural phrasing. Understanding collocations expands your vocabulary by introducing you to new words and phrases that are commonly used together. 

The verb 'make' is a highly versatile word in English, and it can be used in various contexts and meanings. Therefore, learning 'collocations with make' is an effective and easy way to understand usages of make. Here are some of the most common collocations with 'make'.

make an appointment make a phone call
make the bed make a plan
make a choice make progress
make coffee make a promise
make a decison make a request
make a difference make room
make an exception make sense
make an effort make sure
make friends make a statement
make a list make a suggestion
make a living make time
make a mess
make a toast
make a mistake make trouble
make money make a wish


make an appointment
to arrange a meeting or visit at a specific time
・I need to make an appointment with the doctor.

make the bed
to arrange the sheets, blankets, and pillows neatly on a bed
・I'll make the bed before we leave the hotel.

make a choice
to select one option from several
・You have to make a choice between the two job offers.

make coffee
to prepare coffee
・Her mother made coffe for us.

make a decison
to decide on something
・ I need to make a difficult decision.

make a difference
to have a positive impact or effect
・Volunteering can make a difference in people's lives.

make an exception
to allow something that is not normally allowed
・We don't usually accept late submissions, but we can make an exception in your case.

make an effort
to try hard to do something
・She always makes an effort to be on time for meetings.

make friends
to form new friendships
・She's always eager to make friends and enjoys meeting new people.

make a list
to create a written or mental inventory of items or tasks
・I need to make a list of groceries to buy.

make a living
to earn enough money to support yourself
・He makes a living as a freelance writer.

make a mess
to create an untidy or dirty situation
・The children made a mess in the living room.

make a mistake
to do something wrong or incorrectly
・I made a mistake on the math exam.

make money
to earn a profit or income
・Investing wisely can help you make money.

make a phone call
to dial someone's number and communicate via phone
・I'll make a phone call to confirm the meeting time.

make a plan
to create a strategy or outline for achieving a goal
・Let's make a plan for our vacation itinerary.

make progress
to advance or improve in a particular endeavor
・We've been working hard and are making progress on the project.

make a promise
to commit to doing something in the future
・He made a promise to help me with my project.

make a request
to ask for something formally
・I'd like to make a request for some time off next week.

make room
to create space for something
・Can you make room for one more person at the table?

make sense
to be logical or understandable
・Your explanation doesn't make sense.

make sure
to check that something is done correctly
・Make sure you lock the door when you leave.

make a statement
to express an opinion or convey a message
・Her fashion choices always make a statement.

make a suggestion
to offer an idea or proposal
・I'd like to make a suggestion for our next project.

make time
to allocate a period of time for something
・It's essential to make time for self-care and relaxation.

make a toast
to raise a glass and express good wishes before drinking
・Let's make a toast to the newlyweds

make trouble
to cause problems or difficulties
・I didn't mean to make trouble; it was just a misunderstanding.

make a wish
to express a desire or hope
・Make a wish before you blow out the candles.

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