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Common - Definition and Usage | Common English words
Common - Definition and Usage | Common English words

What does the word common mean? Definitions and usage examples of the word common. Example sentences with common.


1. A1 (adjective) happening often; done or found often

• a common spelling mistake

• The disease is very common in children.

• Traffic congestion is a common problem in big cities. 

(adjective) belonging to or shared by two or more people, groups, or things 

• They share a common interest in technology.

We’re working together to achieve a common goal.

The two countries united to fight their common enemy.

3. B1 (adjective) ordinary; not special or unique

a common soldier 

It's only common decency to apologize. 

Example Sentences with Common

Pollution is a common problem in many major cities.

English is a common language spoken around the world.

The flu is a common illness during the winter.

His songs are popular among the common people.

These features are common to many languages.

• What is the most common cause of death in the world?

The common history of the two nations shaped their relationship.

The government should work for the common good of all citizens.

• Artificial intelligence technology has become increasingly common.

It's common knowledge that smoking is bad for your health.

• The committee reached a conclusion by common consent.

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