Collocations with Make
Collocations with Make

Collocations with Make. Example sentences with Make.

Since verbs such as ‘have, get, do, make’ have many meanings, it is very difficult to memorize all of them. Learning these words as collocations will be more effective. The most used collocations and example sentences with the verb 'make' are listed below.


 make a mistake
 make a plan
make a noise
make dinner
make coffee
make a cake
make a decision
make an offer
make a choice
make a list
make a call
make sure
make a bed
make a mess
make time
make progress
make friends
make peace
make love
make money
make a profit
make a living
make a fortune
make trouble
make someone angry
make someone happy
make someone laugh
make someone think
make something easy


 I need to make a difficult decision.

• You made a wrong choice.

• Make sure you lock the door when you leave.

• make my bed before breakfast.

• What do you want me to make for dinner?

• Her mother made a cake for us.

• The news made him happy.

• Technology makes our lives easier.

• He is making a list of the candidates.

• Being a teacher is not a good way to make money.

• He made a fortune in the technology business.

• I’d better make a note of his advice.

• You can’t learn a language without making an effort.

• You two, stop fighting and make peace.

• He always makes trouble for us.

 He always makes me laugh.

• I’ll try to make time to visit you tomorrow.

• He makes a living as a singer.

• This dress makes me look fat.

• We’re making plans to travel to France next year.

• She refused to make love before marriage.

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