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Collocations with Have
Collocations with Have

Collocations with have. Example sentences with have. Usages of have.

Since verbs such as 'have, get, make, run' have so many meanings, it is very difficult to memorize all of them. Learning these words as collocations will be more effective. The most used collocations and example sentences with the verb 'have' are listed below.


 have a car
have money
 have dark hair
 have a career
 have a bad temper
have a relationship
have a right
have no fear
 have patience
 have faith
 have a chance
 have time
 have an opportunity
 have access
 have a good time
 have a busy day
 have a hard time
 have a happy life
 have difficulty
 have an accident
 have a problem
 have trouble
 have a nightmare
 have a cold
 have a headache
have a disease
 have fever
 have flu
 have a disability
 have a guess
have a reason
 have a feeling
 have an idea
 have an impression
 have a doubt
 have a goal
 have a plan
 have a look
 have a swim
 have a drink
 have a nap
 have a bath
have a shower
 have a bite
 have a dance
 have a dream
have a competition
 have a jog
 have a laugh
 have a listen
 have a shave
 have a smell
 have a rest
 have a run
have a try
 have a walk
 have a wash
 have a wish
 have a think
 have an excuse
have an experience
 have a fall
 have sex
 have a workout
 have an effect
 have success
 have a party
 have a holiday
 have a journey
 have a meeting
 have an exam
 have an appointment
 have an interview
 have a conversation
 have a talk
 have a discussion
have a word
 have a fight
 have an argument
 have breakfast
 have lunch
 have dinner
 have a cup of tea
have a snack
 have a taste
 have a kid
have a baby (= give birth)
 have a haircut
 have a break
 have a day off


• I don’t have any money.

• When did you have your breakfast

• She had a baby last year.

• I have a severe headache.

• I had a backache so I couldn’t sleep well last night.

• I had a busy day.

• I always have a good time with her.

• We had a great weekend.

• They had a hard time after his death.

• She wants to have a career as a singer.

• We still have a chance to solve the problem.

• Call me when you have a chance.

• You should have a haircut.

• I want to have a holiday with my family.

• She usually has a jog in the evening.

• I have a lesson after an hour.

• Did you have fun at the party?

• I have no fear of death.

• I have no more patience.

• You need to have a rest.

• He is a man who has no self-esteem.

• She was forced to have sex.

• I have work to do today.

• I think he’s having a heart attack.

• I will have a job interview tomorrow.

• I had a long conversation with my friend.

• I have faith in you.

• I had a snack on the road.

• We have a big problem.

• He had an accident yesterday.

• I had a strange dream last night.

• Do you have time for a talk?

• He had a bad fall yesterday.


• Have a good day!

• Have fun!

• Have a nice holiday!

• Have a safe trip!

• Have a look over there.

• Have a nice flight!

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