[Intransitive]to feel uneasy or anxious; to think about unpleasant things that might happen
endişelenmek, kaygılanmak, merak etmek
  • You worry too much.
  • worry about sth/sbDon't worry about me.
  • worry for sb/sthI really worry for his health.
  • + clauseI worry (that) he might be late.
  • worry over sb/sthYou worry over simple things.
[Transitive]to cause someone to worry
endişelendirmek, kaygılandırmak
  • worry sb/oneselfYou worried your parents.
  • Don't worry yourself about the project
  • + clauseIt worries me that he hasn't come yet.
[Transitive]to annoy or upset someone
rahatsız etmek, canını sıkmak, üzmek
  • worry sbThat noise really worries me.
  • I don't want to worry you with the details.
[Uncountable]the state of worrying about something
endişe, endişeli olma, endişelenme, kaygılanma
  • Her mother was baffled with worry.
  • Unemployment is a cause of worry for many people.
[Countable]something that worries you
endişe, kaygı, dert, sıkıntı
  • financial worries
  • He has worries about the future.
  • Losing the job is a big worry for many people.
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