to fill or be in a space or place
(yer) kaplamak, tutmak; işgal etmek
  • The sofa occupies most of the room.
  • The window occupied almost the whole of the wall.
to fill or use an amount of time
(zaman) almak; işgal etmek
  • Garden works occupy half of my time.
  • All my time was occupied with writing a report.
to live or work in a room, house, etc.
ikamet etmek, oturmak, yaşamak
  • She occupies the room next to mine.
  • The four buildings are fully occupied.
to take control of a town, country, etc., especially by military force
işgal etmek, zapt etmek
  • Enemy troops occupied the town.
  • The city has been occupied by the rebel army.
to keep someone busy
meşgul etmek, oyalamak
  • This game can occupy the kids for hours.
  • They occupied themselves with card games.
  • The problems have continued to occupy her mind.
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