[Transitive, Intransitive]to go away from a person or place
ayrılmak, gitmek
  • I'm leaving work early today.
  • It's time for us to leave.
  • The bus will leave at 9 o'clock.
  • We left for London this morning.
[Transitive, Intransitive]to go away from a person, place or organization permanently
ayrılmak, terk etmek, bırakmak
  • They left the town last year.
  • He has decided to leave his job.
  • She left him for another man.
[Transitive]to go away from a place without taking something or someone
bırakmak; unutmak
  • I have left my bag on the bus.
  • You can leave your things here.
  • Where can we leave our luggage?
[Transitive]to cause or allow something or someone to remain in a particular condition or position
bırakmak; (olmasına) neden olmak
  • The accident left 4 people dead.
  • Do not leave the tap running.
  • Can you leave the door open?
be leftto remain to be used, eat, etc.
  • There's no time left.
  • Is there any food left?
a period of time when you have permission to be away from a job
  • How much annual leave do you get?
  • He took an unpaid leave from work.
  • He is on leave for a week.
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