[Transitive, Intransitive]to take or receive something that is offered
kabul etmek, almak
  • to accept a gift/offer/bribe
  • He accepted the book as a present.
  • He doesn't accept advice from his father.
[Transitive]to agree to or approve of something
onaylamak, kabul etmek
  • I agreed to accept his decision.
  • The judge refused to accept the evidence.
  • The university accepted few applications and rejected others.
[Transitive]to consider or think that something is true
doğru kabul etmek, inanmak
  • The police refused to accept her account.
  • This theory is accepted as correct by many scientists.
[Transitive]to admit that you are responsible for something (usually bad or unpleasant)
kabullenmek, üstlenmek
  • I accept that I made a mistake.
  • The driver has finally accepted responsibility for the accident.
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